So I Married the Alien President, screenplay now available

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What if your quest for a new life led you unwittingly into an alien political struggle, a plot to defend Earth from alien invaders and a marriage with a rich, charming man who absolutely adored you…and just happened to be the president of an alien race?

The screenplay of So I Married the Alien President is now available in ebook and paperback. Be surprised and delighted as you experience this wild, romantic adventure.

In high school Miri Dyson fell in love with Xela Chrome, the charming foreign boy. Before anything could come of it he disappeared mysteriously.

Twenty years later he's back. He's rich, charming as ever and running for president of his homeland. After a whirlwind romance, he marries the only woman he's ever loved. But being the first lady is a lonely job. Miri is heartbroken to find out her marriage was a political stunt and as she uncovers her husband's alien heritage she fears she's in way above her head.

The president fights to save his marriage and his political agenda as shadowy human operatives threaten his wife. It turns out Miri Chrome might not be all she appears.

Romance, aliens and under cover agents; politics, betrayal and an action-packed ending that will keep you guessing until the last page. Will Miri and Xela live happily ever after or is that just for Earth fairytales?

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